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These checkers keep tabs on WootOffs and help reduce the load on Woot's servers. Please use one of these instead of constantly refreshing Woot's main page during a Woot-off.

Please click on the discussion tab above before you add a new site or if you have any questions. Do NOT add your site under the stable section unless its been in the normal section for at least 4 hours during a woot off under load. Stable means stable, not preferred.

Stable woot checkers

(dont add new ones here, add to the next section first)

  • mywoot.net - AJAX, audio alerts, Est. Time Remaining, BOC Auto-Buy w/ siren, Past Item Database. Also tracks the other woot sites: sellout, shirt, wine, kids, home, sport,tech,moofi(DS-MOD)
  • wootstalker.com - Push Based Web Tracker that tracks all woot sites, woot plus deals, and social media.  Also has a windows app and android app available and custom email alerts.
  • woottracker.com - Customizable woot tracker for all sites, that includes sort options based on price, stock, site etc.  Also shows item details, and multiple image previews. Ad-free.
  • bagofwoot.com - New realtime tracker built on websockets. Tracks all woot sites, including all moofi and woot plus deals. Site is also mobile-optimized. iPhone/iPad app also available. (Own)
  • kishk.org - AJAX for all sites, audio, adaptive refresh, est. time remaining. notification emails.

Woot Apps

(Apps iPhone & Android for tracking Woot!Offs - Please note if it has Push Notifications, Woot Off Tracking & any other features)

iPhone Apps

Android Apps

  • Woot Stalker - Daily Deals, Woot Offs, Moofi Deals, and Woot Plus deals with sort options.  Push notification and manual refresh ability.
  • Deal Drop - Woot and other Daily Deals - Notifications - customization - FREE

Woot checkers

(new entries go on the bottom of this list.. yes, even re-lists from dead section, however according to the discussion checkers that were stable before they went down are added to the top)

Woot checkers that are access restricted

There are currently no checkers in this section

Woot checkers that are currently offline or broken

Dear Jerkface checkers

Please see the Dear Jerkface Followup for further explanation - Darkstar 06:56, 1 March 2008 (UTC)

Email, SMS, and IM notifiers

  • googlegroups.com - email/SMS alerts generated by kishk.org checker above.
  • wootwatchers.com - email and SMS alerts
  • opensight.com - email alerts
  • twitter.com - email, SMS, and IM
  • WootOffWatcher - AIM Bot. Just send it a message! Use with care, reconnect to AIM to disable
  • WootAgent.com- SMS and AIM BOT
  • Woot-Tracker.com- AIM, Yahoo!,Jabber/GTALK -- IRC Bot Available For Your Own Channel/Network!
  • BagsOfCrap.com - IRC Tracker on FreeNode.net
  • Woot Alarm an AIM/icq instant messenger bot
  • wootbot@jabber.org - Jabber/xmpp/GoogleTalk checker. His status always shows current woot and % sold at all times, he'll send an instant message when a new woot is posted.

Software woot checkers

Woot checkers source code

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